BeyondSquare FinAlyzer

Actionable Insights For Every Business

A fast, secure and reliable web-based tool that effortlessly converts financial data to actionable insights with decision analytics, KPIs, insights, predictive forecasting and benchmarks


BeyondSquare FinAlyzer For You

BeyondSquare FinAlyzer provides the ability to inspect, review and make sense of your financial data. Spot problems, take corrective action, and set your business on its course to Financial Success.

No Setup Required.

A complete web based tool

Performance dashboard with drill - down from the highest to the lowest level

Rich and captivating data visualizations

Analyse & compare data

Compare data across entities, sectors and periods. Export reports to Excel

Alerts and Goal Monitoring

Take corrective action with timely alerts. See if your business is on the right course with Goal Monitoring

How it works


Take a look at this 2 minutes video, that quickly explains how FinAlyzer works

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